(v) To own/bully/beat someone.

Saying generally used in the sport of lacrosse for trashtalk
by Natedogggg May 15, 2011
Beat someone up really bad and really easily.
Billy: "That guy looks really tough."
Leroy: "Fuck that nigga, I'll eat his lunch."
by HACKSAW April 5, 2014
In business, when a competitor is interested in your product and service, but goes to another company, they are "eating your lunch." This happens often when a company strategy or branding is weak — the interested prospect hits your website, but they are not engaged. Their reaction is lukewarm, or "I don't get it." They don't know why they should pursue their interest in your product or service. So they go elsewhere. And your competition eats your lunch. (What's for dinner?!)
If you don't engage your prospects and prospects on your website, your competitors will eat your lunch.
by MarketPower Joel May 2, 2022
Many don't believe me, but in March of 1967 a buddy and I were sitting in a local bar. Something was said about lunch, I responded by saying, "I'll eat your lunch". All laughed and went on. The group that was there started using that line. Next thing I know everyone is using it. Believe it or not.
One might say, want to run your car against mine, I'll eat your lunch.
by tiredlawdog February 5, 2016
Used when faced with a difficult challenge. Came from the common instance when a school yard bully would take lunch money from a smaller kid and use it to by his own lunch.
I have to write a 50 page report on the state of our global environment this weekend. It's gonna eat my lunch!
by Coco Alfonso August 16, 2008
Dog Eat Ya Lunch is a Bahamian term commonly used when someone is troubled. It is normally used in a sentence by someone who is not in the said dilemma to someone who is experiencing trials and troubles
Jaden: I forget my homework on the table dred
Aiden: Ah boy, dog eat ya lunch🤣
by babybri 😎 June 14, 2020
its when you give head and the bitch swallows your load
damn girl, you ate the whole sack lunch! "Eating a sack lunch is the best thing thats ever happened to me billy."
by jason j-dub March 4, 2008