When smb say fuck that nigga that mean leave his dog ass where he at or “walk em like a dog sis”
Girl 1: “Fuck that nigga”

Girl 2: when smb tell you that , that mean he a no good nigga fuck his dog ass
by Xxxmfnrelrel October 30, 2019
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Any nigga named Maverick is a fuck ass nigga. He will fuck as many of his niggas in the ass as he can
Maverick: I'm gonna fuck my nigga in the ass
Sam: Damn you a Fuck Ass Nigga
by imgay69420 January 5, 2020
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Kind of like fuck nigga but more offensive, usually a pussy ass black kid that talks shit but doesnt do anything.
Random kid on bus: Hey alex call that black guy a fuck ass nigga.
Alex worst: FUCK ASS NIGGA!
by this dick59 November 23, 2013
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A black man who likes another man, usually a white man, but tries to tell his family but gets disowned.
Yo did you hear? Yung Jimmy tried to tell his dad he was gay but he got the belt. I warned him he finna get beat but he ignored my ass. What a fucking gay nigga amirite?
by Gay People Need Hung December 16, 2018
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"Yo he says he's better than you at algebra."
"Yo I'm finna fuck a nigga cos sin."
by El Señor June 2, 2017
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