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Every time you hear a person speak or sing it just makes you sick
I was listening to nickel back on the radio the other day and that whining singer earfucked me hard
by bravia nova March 19, 2010
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When you call a friend or relative and they ramble or take an emotional dump on you, then when its your turn to talk they say they have to go and go. Your left in shock and you didnt get to tell them what you called for.
Phone Ringing

Hims- Hello
Mes- Heyy wuz up! yo i gotta tell you something.
Hims- nah nothing..yo man im stress, i got mad homework and blah blah blah blah...
Mes- oh foreal, damn. yo but..
Hims- yeah and blah blah blah
Mes- wow that sucks, but yo let me...
Hims- Yo but I gotta let you go, i got someone on the other line. laterz
Mes- okay later

Mes- What the hell just happened. Did i just get Ear Fucked? Damnit! Asshole!
by childishumor January 20, 2011
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When someone is talking rubbish to you...
I often use that phrase when someone talks kak to me…I will say to someone ‘did you hear how that guy was Ear Fucking me?” or ‘dude…stop raping my ear”

Ear Fucked
by Rude Rory July 26, 2010
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This is when someone continues to speak AT you although there is not indication that you would like to hear what the person is trying to say. In fact, the ear fucked person often attempts to not hear the words of the one who is doing the "fucking" . There has to be 2 participants for this to happen. (one not willing, one is) These participants are known as the "fucker", and the "fuckee". The "fucker" just continues to babble on and on about NOTHING at the "fuckee", while the "fuckee" attempts to ignore the "fucker" . This tends to happen on airplanes, buses, airports, in other public areas, as well as private areas such as a house, or apartment.

It's not uncommon to find "ear fucking" taking place in the most private of places, like when someone is in a stall in a public restroom while the fuckee's pants and underwear are down, and sitting on the can.

Sometimes, the "Fucker" will actually ask questions to the "Fuckee" that requires an answer. Other "fuckers" will actually try to become "friends" with the "fuckee" by extending their hand under the stall door in an attempt to "bond" with the "fuckee" on the topic that he is attempting to explain. This becomes a real hardship for the one being ear fucked. In such a vulnerable position, the last thing the person wants to deal with is this person who is ear fucking him or her.
This dude was ear fucking me the whole time. Ear Fucked
by Bailmaninmo April 19, 2018
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Listened to extensively, as in music; enjoyed throughly
Ed ear fucked the hell out of "Paradise Circus" and the album Heglioland by Massive Attack. He listened to it on repeat until completely satiated.
by spag4 December 02, 2012
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