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What Ricardo and Grace are because Grace hates the terms Friends. She doesn't believe that people that have been together in many different ways can ever just be friends. Ricardo hates Grace and just wants to label her a friend. AND THAT JUST DOESNT WORK. So they are now Each Others.
Uh.. we're not friends, we're Each Other's
by RickyandGrace May 31, 2011
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when someone is to gosh darn lazy to add the space between the two words so it sounds more like 'echother'

pronounced as "eee-chough-ther'
ohhh they're always with eachother its so gosh darn annoying!!!!
by therealdunx June 17, 2019
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Phrase said to answers any question, regardless if it is out of context or not.
Nick: What're we doing today?
John: Each other.
Nick: What time is it?
John: Each other.
by breetard August 30, 2008
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Let’s hang out with eachother.
Come into work each other day.
by Kmgooey November 24, 2020
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