What Ricardo and Grace are because Grace hates the terms Friends. She doesn't believe that people that have been together in many different ways can ever just be friends. Ricardo hates Grace and just wants to label her a friend. AND THAT JUST DOESNT WORK. So they are now Each Others.
Uh.. we're not friends, we're Each Other's
by RickyandGrace May 31, 2011
Phrase said to answers any question, regardless if it is out of context or not.
Nick: What're we doing today?
John: Each other.
Nick: What time is it?
John: Each other.
by breetard August 30, 2008
Phrase used to refer to women's general hatred of each other. Used to shoot down the bullshit "sisterhood" myth.
Guy 1: These two bitches at my job are totally trying to backstab each other.
Guy 2: I know, they hate each other!
by Supreme Sexist April 22, 2005
Two people who both share a derogatory quality (or qualities) in common that make these two people suited for each other in a relationship. It is often used to describe two people already in a relationship in a condescending manner. The phrase implies that because of this quality, they are not worthy of dating other people.
Tom's and Julia are fake af. They deserve each other.
by UsernamePassword31 May 14, 2017
The greatest and least heinous of all golden rules.
Be excellent to each other and, party on dudes!
by Lig Na Baste June 15, 2008
all the fun off having a boyfriend/girlfriend. but no change to facebook relationship status.
have you heard bob and barb are 'seeing each other'
by trevor92 April 8, 2009
When two males (sometimes, but not always, females as well) who seem to be heterosexual participate in a seemingly mutual gay moment. This act can last for seconds or minutes, however, if both participants induce this for longer periods of time, they actually might be Gay.

This act is usually innocent and shouldn't always be taken as seriously as it is.

Popular in fanart or slash fanfiction. Not suggested in public if giggling fangirls are afoot.
Hey, did you see Tommy and Rick hugging by the fire? They are totally Gay for each other!
by UrManic101 April 25, 2009