Estimated Time Ending
Yo what's the ETE of your game?

ETE: 2 Minutes.
by Pop Long December 23, 2011
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1. ETE- Exploit the Environment: A graffiti cult in NYC led by the masterminds Teny, Tiffany, and Katrin. While the cult's common signature is simply ETE, it can also contain messages or drawings. ETE is less "legal" than ETU*, but being comprised of high school kids, they do watch out and make sure nothing is permanently or stupidly tagged.

*ETU- Exploit the Urban: A less-exclusive ETE with more members whose primary tools are pens, pencils, or chalk, and whose scope of vandalization includes posters, desks, and other school equipment. More than half most high school kids can recognize the top artists' signatures within a glance; all ETE/U members are extremely talented artists and never mark something poorly.
ETE likes to vandalize posters, especially those that are marketed with products, surveys, media, etc.

ETE does not like to use bubble-letters, mainly because ETE was created by unique artists with a different, preferred handwriting style. ETE members consider handwriting an art form and can write in 7 different languages, including Russian, Japanese hirigana + katakana, Chinese kanji, Korean, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Cryllic, and occaisionally, Latin. ETErs don't have one distinct handwriting style.

Some of ETE's messages include, "Darwin loves America" and, "Exploit our Children". They have a better time, however, getting their messages across when the poster they're vandalizing has to do with something particularly funny or ridiculous. Example: Tagging a News Channel poster with, "War is Fun!"

ETE's idea originated from Teny's Biology class, where the teacher had once said, "This world... we're so ignorant, hurting the environment like this, ruining our own lives... exploiting the environment, and we'll never stop" Months later after looking back at her notes, the three decided to use that as their mark.
by The Wanderer June 15, 2006
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Someone who wears abnormally small cloths compared to his/her body size. Often in reference to one who tries to show off big biceps/triceps.
I cant believe that guys ETing It today. Hes not even that big.
by Stano, Borello September 7, 2009
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An asshole alien with a large finger that it uses to violate innocent men, women, children, and doggies alike.
Someone: Oh my God, an Alien! Noooo!!!
by Erc the Great May 24, 2011
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end tour service -end of your active military service
I ets in 4 days.
by jake smith May 26, 2004
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A past tense of the word "eat", or more specifically "eaten". Taking the d
incorrectness of et further than it's ever gone before. Used by illiterate and/or bored Southerners out of ignorance or good 'ol plain fun. Try it out on a Northerner and see what they say.
My friend got etted by that big bear over yonder! Tarnation.
by Kefanii September 6, 2004
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