end tour service -end of your active military service
I ets in 4 days.
by jake smith May 25, 2004
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Someone who wears abnormally small cloths compared to his/her body size. Often in reference to one who tries to show off big biceps/triceps.
I cant believe that guys ETing It today. Hes not even that big.
by Stano, Borello September 07, 2009
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Estimated Time Ending
Yo what's the ETE of your game?

ETE: 2 Minutes.
by Pop Long December 23, 2011
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An asshole alien with a large finger that it uses to violate innocent men, women, children, and doggies alike.
Someone: Oh my God, an Alien! Noooo!!!
by Erc the Great May 24, 2011
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A stupid alien with a BIG onion head and stupidly long cringy fingers that are large enough to wank a dozen cocks at once also this ET thing goes around in a little bike tryna phone home like BITCH you don't have a home
ET: ET phone home
Child: wtf you don't have a home

ET: *some alien shit*
Child: bruv learn English
by Fanny flapper August 29, 2016
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n. (Educational Testing Service) A white-collar corporate gang in Ewing, New Jersy, headed by Kurt Landgraf. They peddle the SAT and GRE assessment products on the street to vulnerable youths who don't know how to say NO. A greedy parasite that should be eliminated for the betterment of society. See also: Tollbooth on the highway of education.
Those poor students had to pony up $115 to the ETS in order to get admitted to college.

"We da ETS, we be hangin' wif da Kurt-rock, and we be all up in your shit if you don't pay us your protection, FOOL!"

Kurt, I'm gonna bring my posse up on ETS turf and get me a goddamn refund one of these days CHUMP!
by Carl Willis May 21, 2004
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