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end tour service -end of your active military service
I ets in 4 days.
by jake smith May 25, 2004
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n. (Educational Testing Service) A white-collar corporate gang in Ewing, New Jersy, headed by Kurt Landgraf. They peddle the SAT and GRE assessment products on the street to vulnerable youths who don't know how to say NO. A greedy parasite that should be eliminated for the betterment of society. See also: Tollbooth on the highway of education.
Those poor students had to pony up $115 to the ETS in order to get admitted to college.

"We da ETS, we be hangin' wif da Kurt-rock, and we be all up in your shit if you don't pay us your protection, FOOL!"

Kurt, I'm gonna bring my posse up on ETS turf and get me a goddamn refund one of these days CHUMP!
by Carl Willis May 21, 2004
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ETS stands for Eat That Shit. It is when a person preforms and action that cause them physical pain or emotional damage.
Yo you just see that kid fall down the stairs. ETS
I just beat boogie, one on one, in basketball. ETS
by dale1234567890 June 04, 2010
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End Tour of Service, That glorious, long awaited, much needed, sanity sustaining freedom from the US Army.
Sucsess ETS!!! I'm out thank you Jesus, thank you Jewish God, Thank you Allia, thank you Tom Cruse for using your witchcraft to set me free from the damn army!!!!
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"Estimated Time of Sleep" abbreviated.

Akin to ETA (estimated time of arrival), etc.

Sounds more official and professional when said aloud.

Usually posed as a question toward someone who --despite the late hour-- still has a lot of things to get done before even thinking about going to bed.
Friend1: "What are you doing up so late?"
Friend2: "I'm working through a 10-page paper that's due tomorrow and just started a load of laundry."
Friend1: "So what's your ETS tonight?"
Friend2: "Aiming for 4 AM, have to get to work by 10."

"ETS unknown; imminent all nighter..."
by crowslayer February 21, 2012
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1. Stand for Evil Testing Satan! (or, if you want to be correct, Educational Testing Service. They make such crap as the SAT and others like it. Although a universal and standardized test is needed, surely there can be something better than the SAT. (The ACT is made by another company so it is much better but it could use some work too, although not nearly the same amount)
I have to take the SAT put on by the Evil Testing Satan!!!!
by Doobie Smokes You February 05, 2005
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Enfos Team Survival!!!
A fun and popular warcraft 3 map.
I am Going to play Enfos Team Survival because it is fun - ME!?!
by anonymus July 22, 2004
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