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it's an internet term like rofl. Used as an insult. It stands for:

by Kran May 04, 2005
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A term that is used to describe something that is not functioning.
"The ELM website is crashing today."


"We made our way to the bed but he was ELMing and couldn't get it out."
by ELMhater January 12, 2010
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A cold, heartless, war machine. He is precise in everything he does. He is a multi-talented elegant dork pretending to be a great man while hiding behind his dark and very low self-esteem. Creating a pattern of genius just makes him look like a trying hard deuce prepared to do everything he can to celebrate his individuality. He is a lover but will also be a fighter when he needs to. His war philosophy is the Achilles' shield. He fights so he will never fight again. Trust him because he will put himself in harms way just to fulfill his word.
Elms just ate that popcorn from the floor

How can we live life without an Elms?
by mimithiin May 07, 2018
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