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The genitalia of a pre- or non-operative feminist transwoman.
Dyck is to dick as Womyn is to woman.
by Anonymous December 10, 2003
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The word PRONOUNCED: DY-CK is taken from a friend-rant(similar to a secret handshake when friends meet but instead done verbally)that was originally made by two boys across China and America, now later spread as far as India and England. It is said loudly and aggressively, and the word itself in the end, often takes practice to be pulled off correctly. There is no original meaning, though it is said that it was first mentioned at a high school party, as a attempt of a joke/adrenaline pumper. The change of spelling is to emphasize the way it is pronounced in the rant.
The full rant goes as exampled:
by DENRSH March 22, 2009
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