A kind, unique girl who is super friendly and bubbly in person. And typically seen as a “good girl” but once you’ve spent a night on the phone with her talking she’s actually wild. She’s been through so much and is definitely more than meets the Eye. Also Via’s are amazing kissers and really sexy once you get her in the mood. Via’s are great at other things too ;). But be kind to Via’s they are very emotional and sometimes all they want is a hug. And Via’s are so loyal. No matter what. They will always have your back and be able to cheer their friends up. They know just what to say! They don’t think like we do and you have to remember that. Via’s are beyond smart. Practically alien.
“Who’s that girl?” Oh that’s Via. “She looks so sweet.” Nah man, she’s wild.
by Billie;) March 26, 2019
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Via is an important person of which is loved by anyone with good taste. Via proves day and day again how great of a character she is.

Via is a good person.

III. I will be covering (why):
A. Via is a strong person

B. Via is funny

C. Via is beautiful


A. Via is a strong person

According to anyone with knowledge of Via:

1. Via is constantly showing her potential every day

2. Via stands up for what she believes in

3. Via is hurt by the people she loves but still continues to be good despite the bad influences and lies

B. Via is funny

According to anyone who has talked to Via:

1. Via is very witty and quick to quality jokes
2. Good taste in humor and can make a joke out of anything

3. Is constantly making you smile and laugh just from reading something she says

C. Via is beautiful

According to everyone:

1. Via is cute inside and out
2. Via has an cute face and fluffy hair

3. Is an overall amazing person
V. Recap:
1. Via is a strong person

2. Via is funny

3. Via is beautiful

Via is one of the best people you'll know and deserves the best. Compliment your local via and shower with attention for best results.
You don't know you've met a Via until you can't stop thinking of her.
by 381195 October 17, 2020
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Via, the kindest most thoughtful Girl. Always on the go. She can have a fast fuse but generally only works with a compassionate heart. She doesn’t like to be wrong but is willing to listen and find out the truth and is a good listener. Via will give you her very last penny even if she needs it more than you. She is attractive and always wanting to look her best . If you have a Via in your life you are a very blessed Human . She is like a gift from god...
Via ; to go
by Sagar’s November 3, 2019
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Used when you are talking about doing something on a particular website
"If you want to contact me, You can do that via email"
by Radin Happier August 12, 2022
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I took route 66 via 495 (highway) to get to my grandmother's house.
by Mr.ImInThere October 30, 2017
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