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An inhabitant or permanent resident of a room or group of rooms below the ground level and usually under a building often a relative or child turned adult that refuses to leave the parents home.
After seeing the empty pantry, refrigerator and the recent electric bill Dad turned to Mom and said, " This is outrageous, tell cellar-dweller he needs to get a job and pay room and board we cannot afford him anymore."
by jpg3 August 05, 2010
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A suburban, white guy, usually over the age of 30, who lives in a basement apartment. He doesn't have a steady job, can't get a date, and listens to 80's power ballads on his stereo while cooking mac and cheese on a hot plate. Throw a mullet haircut and a possible substance abuse problem and you get the picture. This dude this also known as a basement dweller.
Jack Martin was a typical cellar dweller - no girl, no money, no job, no ambition - just his basement apartment which smelled like mildew, cigarette smoke, and semen.
by lovebug11768 July 16, 2006
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Pre - teen or teen who would spend ( or does spend ) most of his time in the basement playing X-Box live
My 12 year old is a "Cellar Dweller"...So is my 18 year old
by SANE-A June 15, 2010
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When their relationship ended, Alfred become a cellar dweller.

The catholic priest, after years of celler dwelling, was relieved when he was hired to be the new youth minister.
by Hagggard March 18, 2009
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someone who thinks themselves better than another person because their houses have added features another persons might not.
"he's such a cellar dweller, so what if my house only has two floors?"
by Thom Gavin March 11, 2007
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