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1) An imaginary animal, probably resembling a weasel, but more cartoon like. They are said to be mischievous and charming creatures, which allows them to commit atrocities without repercussions.

2) An inanimate object or being on which to blame mishaps, or attribute misfortune

3) A person who takes advantage of, lies to, or in some way wrongs another, but has the charm and interpersonal skills to avoid punishment or retribution.
"He's as cunning as a dweezil"

"That darn dweezil emptied my bank account again, but God love him, he did it for those starving children in Africa."

"Socks are not lost in the dryer, dweezils, who live in dryer vents eat them and the dryer is blamed."

by jester33 February 07, 2009
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1. A term used out of anger when wanting to express irritation toward another person

2. "Dweezil Zappa" - name of the son of Frank Zappa, musician.
Goddamnit, that dweezil cut me off.
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
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A very small amount of something.

The child of rock pioneer Frank Zappa
How can people stand good charlotte?
I havent a dweezil.

Did it snow last night?
Only a dweezil/only the dweeziliest bit.
by Pumpkins Fan July 06, 2004
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