a monsterous bird from the duolingo app that will threaten you if you don't practice your languages
me: oh no! I forgot to do my Spanish
friend: run!! The duolingo owl is after u
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Duolingo Bird is a murderous green grape that trys to teach you other languages. He does so by threatening you or a family member. His favourite language to teach is Spanish. He hates it when you break your streak. And for your safety, don't delete the app.
Person 1: Dude, have you seen my sister?
Person 2: She is with Duolingo Bird now
by SansFromUndertale May 24, 2019
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A green owl or parrot that will fucking murder your family if you don't do your spanish lessons. Duolingo is not to be messed with.
"Duolingo KILLED my family!!!"
by XxShootinStarsxX October 17, 2020
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An app that message you at 3am to train at a langague. Duolingo is also an ugly fucking owl that is annoying as fuck. It getting sad when you dont train at your langague and bullies to Duolingo (which is like everyone) is getting tired of it and deleting the trash app. When you delete it have your email so it keep sending you useless emails like wtf
Duolingo at 3am: Your making me sad, train at your langague
Me: Deleting the app
Duolingo: *Continues sending useless mails* i have your email
by A guy that is useless April 24, 2020
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The most dangerous language learning app ever. Like seriously. It’s basically learn or die.
by Braseiro1234 June 01, 2020
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Duolingo is an app/website that teaches languages. It's mascot is a green owl.

The owl has been featured in memes for kidnapping families of those who misses their lessons.

Basically, you're trying to translate "¿Quieres morir hoy?" while a murderous owl watches your every move.
I don't want the Duolingo Bird to kill me ;-;
by The7Guy July 21, 2020
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