An all around insult. It can be used in any situation where a person is or has done something particularly stupid. However it is definitely not something to take offensively, because it is not the kind of word where you could take offense, such as "idiot" or "retard".
Taylor: Yo did u see what Richard did?

Gwee: No, what did he do?

Taylor: He accidentally took off his eyebrow while shaving this morning.

Gwee: Wow, what a dunkle.
by GWEELA! February 07, 2011
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The act of emitting dookie, dung, or poop into someone elses anus. They then jettison this fecal matter, along with some of their own back into your anus. It is not sexual! It is recreational! Feel free to 'dunkle' your grandma, uncle, or baby nephew!
After class, wanna go back to my place and dunkle? I already have the tarps set up.
by Kyle T.K. November 23, 2007
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To dunkle someone, is to dip your balls in tea (preferably Earl Gray) and then drip the liquid into a recipients mouth. Immediately following this, the person who dipped their balls in the tea should make rough sex to an un-buttered english muffin.
I'm all chafed because of last nights rather intense dunkle.
by Kilgore Troutfish March 02, 2011
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