1. To leave a location.

2. To quickly depart from a location.

see also: jet
"I gotta get up early tomarrow so I'm about to jettison."
by El-Keter July 24, 2002
1: throwing up, puking
2: to rid your body of pretty much everything it can, usually in the form of post party vomit or shit.
"man! that made me sick, i totally had to go out back and jettison!"

"i partied so hard, i had spent an hour afterwards jettisoning everything!"
by Shinigami Dani July 18, 2003
A fancier term for “yeet”. Often involves a mechanical object of some sort.
Jettison the escape pods!
by masokitsune January 18, 2019
to throw yourself down to the floor
Stairs are often unsafe, with a high temptation to self-jettison oneself down them.
by PontificatingPants April 25, 2019
To take a dump, especially when great quantities of ejecta are involved.
to jettison stage one (expr.):

"Uhh. That was exhausting."
"Core dump?"
"More like jettisoning stage one."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
This term is used commonly in Naval Aviation.
I learned this one when I was in the Marines as a helicopter enlisted flight crew member
It simply means to throw and / or get rid of all the dead weight quickly or else we are going down
into the drink / crash into the water.
Also commercial airplanes often will "Jettison" their toilet waste from high altitudes.
Yo Teeej use "Jetison" in a sentence....
I used to love her like all things sweet, sugar and spice....
But she shit on me like an airplane that Jettison's Blue Ice !
by Mungamoona January 17, 2023
To throw off board or overboard

Especially in naval or aviation terms
I used to think of her all things sweet,
Like sugar and spice,
But she shit on me like an aeroplane
That Jettison Blue ice
by Tejota September 12, 2021