the sweetest guy you will ever meet anddd will most likely fall in love with a taurus girl.
Nathaniel Dunkle stop playing the darn qitar
by poopyppcaca November 19, 2021
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Words I made up, then googled it, then found out on urban dictionary that it`s a real thing.
I can`t believe Funkle Dunkle really means something.
by a human beeing April 30, 2020
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To take a massive poop. A poop that could choke a ground hog. Similar to a river monster shit. This is a poop you have to brag to your friends about.
Guy: Dude, I'm taking a really hard Dunkle right now at work! The toilet literally will not flush!

Girl: Nice man! Getting paid to take a Dunkle!
by Huntrina2394 April 12, 2015
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When your dad dies and your mom marries his brother (aka your uncle).
Hamlet's dunkle was the cause of all his problems.
by desblue February 1, 2022
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When your balls hit the water after you take a shit.
I just had a huge dunkle in that public toilet Bro!
by Evilx22 June 5, 2019
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Hey, sandra gave birth to dunkle burger yesterday! She’s so cute
by user971639382628 November 21, 2021
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