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(n.) A graceful form of fighting for the gentry. No underhand tricks, tomfoolery left out, this is one good way to die.
Dueling was allowed in Hungary until 1933. However, should anyone be killed, mansluaghter was the sentance handed down.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 10, 2004
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. Iā€™m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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When two friends sit back to back in computer office chairs and begin masturbating at the same time. Then after a set amount of time, both turn around and fire their loads at each other.
A:"Hey dude I'm bored."
B:"Yeah, me too."
A:"Want to duel?"
B:"Sure, I love dueling!"
A:"Ready? Set. Go!"
B:"Aww man. I lost. Good game!"
by Best Friends Forever September 11, 2010
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When two episodes of the same show are on different channels at the same time
Shit, there's dueling Seinfelds on. Should I watch the one with a misunderstanding and hilarious consequences or the one where there's a misunderstanding and hilarious consequences?
by typical May 05, 2006
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