Due Diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving either the performance of an investigation of a business or person, or the performance of an act with a certain standard of care. It can be a legal obligation, but the term will more commonly apply to voluntary investigations.
u better due diligence on that brokerage firm to make sure its not a boiler room or chop shop
by investor-A November 22, 2009
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- To do something that one deserves to be respected by the other people in a field or profession.
- I earned my respect I did my due diligence.
by Zion Pumper January 7, 2023
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Due diligence …

I have spoken of some random things here

Didn’t mean to … baited

To me it’s my life .. me .. if you don’t like it please don’t know me .. avoid me ..

Life was shit empty lame .. many things contributed to this

Over a lifetime a happy soul gets drained

The way of this world

Root of the nastiness .. yes humans but recent experience .. suffered this myself as part of my learning .. forced to deal using only wits and intuition.. what both my guide and higher self called a trap .. :) for something not very pleasant .. no idea but apparently I did good .. and this morning cause I cleansed all protection leaving myself open .. and my guide is a bit like that …

Likes using me as bait …

Anyways .. sad, depressed lonely is a good sign but the scariest of possessions .. it can be anyone and no fault of their own … scary feeling places … feel like you’re being followed ? Oh perhaps also it could be stalker boy … ;)

What i realised was essential before I ascend (alone) or burn (alone) is solutions .. can’t break a glass ceiling without a few plasters at ready …
Due diligence … part 2 will offer a few solutions
by LetsTalkAboutX January 7, 2023
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Due diligence 2

Solutions .. find a priest .. feel I should say proper one … someone like me who works with spirt in that capacity (lightkeeper) or stranger still …

Demon zapper … yes it’s a thing and my intuition then guide seem to think it would be rather effective .. spiritual workers take note

What do we dread most? Yep? It’s not that nice …

I only really found myself once I cleared what I call an electrical fog/ smog around me … for years .. orgonite was the key and more so than any crystal ..

Oh and it’s non personal .. recently discovered even family may not want to take up your offer of healing which of course is their own free will and discretion

Company i found makes the demon zapper as an alternate version to their frequency zapper .. which ..

lol find for yourself, Nuff clues given..

My decency as a human being made me write this …
Due diligence 2 ... After removal/ destruction of said energy / demonic presence effects felt instantly but the fog lasts up to 48 hours
by LetsTalkAboutX January 7, 2023
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Like due diligence, using Google. Due Google diligence should always be done before asking questions in a public forum. Otherwise, people may reply with "Just Google it" or links to lmgtfy.com.

"Due diligence" is a legal expression that means making the effort, in terms of research and investigation, to meet the expected (due) level of "care and caution" before entering into a legal agreement with a person or company.

When you have a problem or a question, "due Google diligence" means using Google to search for relevant keywords to find the solution before asking the question in a public forum and wasting everyone's time by asking a question that has been answered many times before.
Poster: Hi, I need help with xxxx. I've done due Google diligence and I couldn't find a solution to my problem.
by KrisBlueNZ April 9, 2013
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Researching and immediately becoming an expert in field . Watch videos on collecting/fixing/repair etc. solely watching YouTube videos. Akin to folks that think Wikipedia is a cop out source of information. Related to those that demand medication from their doctors cause the rx commercial told them all about it.
(Week end buddies come together to build another buddy's deck...)
A: You need to dig a hole 47" to support post.
B: No, its 55".

A: No, is 47" minimum. I saw it on a youtube video.nn
B: Well I remember reading the specifications when I applied for permit. Stop doing YouTube due diligence bro, you can hurt somebody.
by Aine2014 May 30, 2022
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As in financial due diligence, in an intestinal due diligence exercise, when you see daylight you have gone too far
by Wakahare September 11, 2022
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