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n. An excuse designed to shirk responsibility.
Don't say you need to aaronize. That's just a cop out.
by The Grammar Nazi December 03, 2001
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Micro marriging is when your partner manages your personal day-to-day tasks with you much like a Micro Manager at work.
Wife: β€œHave you put the sheets out to dry and put the towels on?”
Husband: β€œYes. You know I am a grown adult also used to live alone so you do not need to micro marrige me”
by Thomas Maddocks March 16, 2018
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n. refers to taking the easy way out of a sticky situation. Placing blame on something else to make things easier for yourself is a a cop out
Saying you're sick just because you want to avoid a big test that you're prepared but scared for is a cop out.
by Chanceit December 18, 2007
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n. an excuse to take the easy way out, an excuse to not finish something in an acceptable way
This phrase was parodied by Monty Python to end some sketches. Instead of a climax or punch line, the police (cops) would turn up and arrest the characters. Therefore, they would literally "cop out" of finishing the sketch. The most notable was at the end of "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail".
by IndyMac March 23, 2009
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when someone backs out from a responsibility or commitment because they're lazy or don't want to. The first simple definition that came to mind. To remember it, think of it this way: An angry Karen complains at the nearest police office(don't why but just for this ex.). The officer there named Jerry doesn't want to deal with that rn and leaves. He tells his trustworthy friend, officer Bob, "I'm out"...or in this case since he's a popo(slang for police), "COP OUT".
Even though Officer Jerry's shift wasn't over, Officer Bob still let Jerry cop out on dealing with the Karen bringing her problems to the police station because he's a good a friend. Kudos to him
by HE :) WHO WRITES April 18, 2021
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An event or climax that is extremely built up to and hyped, only to turn out to be a completely boring and utterly unimpressive waste of time.
The ending to Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain.

"Wait...the completely unstoppable supervirus turned into a non-lethal form. Now it eats rubber instead of killing people! We are saved!"

Reader: "What a fucking cop out."
by Desmond Jones May 07, 2006
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1. When someone consistantly backs out of arrangements, meetings, social events, gigs and life altogether.

2. Always highly unreliable, can never be trusted to be somewhere. People of this nature generally have a small penis as they cannot bare the shame of being out in public where everyone around them have bigger penis'
1. Chris would have met up with his friends today but being a cop out, he stayed in and watched child anime porn then played with his sisters.

2. Vaughan is such a cop out!

by Mattius Von Grim Lindley April 07, 2009
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