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When u get so excited u almost nut your pants and a secretion leaks out.
You aint nothing but the spirt off my tip...!
by Cali Shark February 14, 2015
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1. n. The resedue (urine) Left over after a Urination.
2. v. The act of Pissing Ones Pants.
3. v. After a piss, watching to see if your Boxers still get Urine on them.

Origin = Piss + Squirt = Spirt
1. After a Piss, john Doesnt like it when he has spirt in his Boxers
2. Drew was laughing so hard yesterday he Spirted his pants several Times.
3. Casey shakes it for extra points, to make sure He doesnt spirt his boxers.
by Tsutomu October 26, 2006
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Used as a measurement, meaning or referring to a small amount of a something. Can often be used when cooking or in art.
Griffin: "Can you just put a spirt of pepper on my steak?"
Logan: "Sure, but I also recommend a spirt of salt."
by squagottler February 28, 2017
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