a site of illegal operation, especially the telephone sales of goods or services by charlatans
The shitheads in the boiler room were finally caught.
by The Return of Light Joker September 5, 2009
Fun game to play when driving in the car with at least 2 people in the car in the middle of summer. You wind all the windows up, and put the heater on maximum to see who passes out first. Good for those longer drives.
"We were driving to the city the other day, when we decided to play boiler room. Mike wrote his car off, and Todd broke his leg."
by Nomad Vagabond January 27, 2007
It is a type of seacret electronic music concert that happens a couple of times a year without any previous notice.
by Young Nico Arizona March 10, 2016
A game where you get a bunch of friends, dress up in expensive business suits, and head out to a shitty bar.
Once there, you act like you are extremely wealthy and important while everybody at the bar wonders who the fuck you all are and why you're at their shitty bar.
Chuck: "Hey, call the crew, we're gonna go Boiler Rooming tonight."

Dave: "Awwww yeahhhhhh..."
by Hank McDizzleson July 5, 2008
When you insert a Cadbury cream egg into the anus of a man, crack it by flexing the sphincter, and fart the contents of the cream egg onto another man's face.
Me and Gary got drunk at the bar on Easter and I gave him a St. Louis boiler room!
by Feltcher's cream March 6, 2014
A nickname for a group of six women who worked as political advisors for Bobby Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign in a windowless work area in Kennedy's Washington, DC electoral offices.

Since the release of the cinematic masterpiece “Chappaquiddick”, the term has been adopted by New Englanders at large to refer to unmarried “party” girls invited on weekend escapades with married men often on the Cape or its nearby islands, such as ACK or Martha’s Vineyard. Somewhat derogatory in nature, the term “Boiler Room Girl” is mostly used by old school DNC apparatchiks living in the northeast, such as the Kennedys and Slick Willy, to refer to their mistresses.
Joey Gargan: “I don’t think the boilah room girls will be able to make it out to Chappy this weekend.”
Senator Ted Kennedy: “It’s not a pahty unless the Boiler Room Girls are there. Old Joey will fix it right?!”

Uncle Teddy: “There’s a naked boiler room girl in my bed. We gotta get ahead of this thing if we’re gonna control the narrative. God forbid, this thing spins out of control to something like an affeh (affair).”
by Doctah Ben Carson September 15, 2020
A place, located in Melbourne’s greater northern expanses (typically, between Bundoora and Thomastown) whereby various notable Parade College alumni gather and engage in large-scale fuckery.

Such fuckery is inclusive of, but not limited to:
1. Consumption of -196’s;
2. Soju; and
3. UgDrays.
“Hey Kure, we going Biv’s Boiler Room this weekend or what?”

“Better not k-hole at Biv’s Boiler Room this weekend”
by SlimJim1975 November 22, 2021