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NN means "no-name" in hvh speak. For example when you kill someone better than you, you would say: "LOL get 1d retarded nn ur mad."

NN is usually used by a bunch of nns calling each other nns.

It is also used by 5 queue ragers in non prime. For example in a 1v5 mm hvh when they kill you:

Rager 1: 1 nn
Rager 2: bad refund
Rager 3: lol cant be a real p2c
Rager 4: 11111111
Rager 5: uid? uid? uid?

You: Are you guys retarded or do you not realize you are this thing called losing.
Lol get 1'd nn.
by Doggo Dogenstein December 23, 2019
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nn literially means night night, but maybe used as "cya"
nn cf, i dreame of you or nn cf i'm off out.
by Zeb August 27, 2003
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Simply means no namer. A no namer is a person that no one other knows. Mainly used online and in communities, many people toss the word around for not being well-known and having no friends.
Person 1: Hey guys how is everyone doing here?
Person 2: Nobody knows you, stupid nn.
Person 3: Facts, he's a nn.
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by d e e z n u t s January 07, 2018
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Used in online chatting.
Representational of a happy face, similar to but not as popular as ^_^
Opposite of u.u
girl 1: Denis asked me out today n.n
girl 2: o.o No way!
girl 3: *squeals* He did!
by Satyr February 26, 2005
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usually calling someone Noname. Or in the HVH CS someone New or Unknown on the server.
by Ziti April 09, 2020
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