Duckies is old English slang for boobs. There are love letters from Henry the 8th to Anne Boleyn saying that he cannot wait to rest his head upon her fine fine duckies.
by captain503 July 17, 2013
Thick, plastic glasses. Usually (but not exclusively) black.
The nosepads on these metal-frame glasses suck, I should switch to wearing Duckies instead.
by Bev Ridge July 2, 2020
British term of endearment for someone who is sweet and innocent that you would like to have your wicked way with.
usually used as a greeting.
"Alright duckie, your looking lovely today"
by staste February 9, 2007
Meaning fine, OK, or allright.
Everything is ducky.
by Justin January 6, 2004
Slang term for being on the receiving end of a blowjob.
In conversation: "Hey man, any ducky ducky last night?"

(Can also use "duck duck")
by Jon Parker December 19, 2003
Object that makes your bath time so much fun.

Person who does the above.
Rubber Ducky, Your the One,
You Make My Bath Time So Much Fun

Wanna Be My Ducky?
by Bunny69 October 10, 2005