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Thick, plastic glasses. Usually (but not exclusively) black.
The nosepads on these metal-frame glasses suck, I should switch to wearing Duckies instead.
by Bev Ridge July 2, 2020
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To accuse someone of cheating (used during gameplay); "calling shenanigans" is only used for serious offenses, however, as doing so requires the game to stop and it often cannot be continued.
While playing Monopoly...
ONE: I call shenanigans! You've taken all the money from the bank!
TWO: I have not!
by Bev Ridge March 3, 2020
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1. A small, usually winged, invertebrate.
2. Someone who is extremely ignorant or ignant.
1. Somebody kill that insect!

2. Wow, I can't believe how insect you're being right now.
by Bev Ridge November 1, 2008
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A censored form of the word "motherfucker", useful in situations where swearing would be ill-advised.
Betty: That is one rugged mother-
Howard: Shut your mouth!
Betty: I was just gonna say "motherfogrel".
Howard: We can dig it.
by Bev Ridge June 21, 2015
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