A city in Ireland.

At best it resembles the run down part of somewhere really average. If you took "Kings Cross" of London and made it more grotty, horrible and generally shit, it would still be better then Dublin.

A pint will cost you a years wages, and all the traditional Irish pubs have Bar Staff from some other grotty country in Europe (Note; where they come from is still almost certainly nicer than Dublin by default)
Question: "Why don't we go for a lovely Holiday in Dublin?"

Answer: "No"
by Friedbabyandchips July 13, 2009
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A crappy city with nothing to do. Full of old people and crappy high schools, there is really no reason to go to dublin. If you want a real town, go to hilliard.
by your mother's clitoris August 05, 2012
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The capital of Ireland.

Britain controls Northern Ireland, and is ruled from London.
Everyone in Dublin is obsessed with the color green.
by Matt Owens December 20, 2005
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After 6 days of hard work, God had a few minutes to spare. He looked at all the left over crap from his labours and thought, what the fuck am i gonna do wer all this shit thats left over. He gathered it all up and chucked it to the side. Some years later cavemen arrived on the east coast of Ireland in boats made out of tree trunks and found Gods unwanted crap and called it Dublin. Since those days all the human crap produced in Ireland has somehow made its way to Dublin. Today we know this crap as, Dubliners.

How to spot a Dubliner. Copy and paste the following: 33, show it to some one in Dublin and ask them to read it out loud. If they say turty tree then they are indeed the crap God rejected.

Dubliners are usually lazy and ugly. Avoid the "Liberties" at all costs because its full of low life scallies...No on reflection avoid all of Dublin but if you cannot avoid the place you better have all the cash reserves of Fort Knocks in your pocked and be prepared to pay a million times more for stuff than anywhere else in the world.

If you do visit Dublin then remember, the only good Dubliner is a dead Dubliner.
Dublin, fuck off, i aint stupid enough to go there and if i was i would rather be hanged, drawn and quartered for my stupidity.
by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010
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An Irish folk band formed in 1962. Their members are Barney McKenna, John Sheahan, Sean Cannon, Eamonn Campbell, andPatsy Watchorn. Ronnie Drew was the founder of The Dubliners, but passed away in August of 2008. The Dubliners are known for their traditional Irish music usually performed in an Irish setting. They are one of the best known Irish folk bands around. Do not confuse The Dubliners for The Pogues, another Irish band led by the incredible drinker, Shane MacGowan.
guy 1: "Hey, did you hear The Dubliners perform live on Vicar Street?"
guy 2: "No, why?"
guy 1: "Here's some tickets, go see them. They are Fantastic!"
by IrishShamrock15 February 10, 2010
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A collection of short stories about the author's, James Joyce, home city.
Dubliners is required reading in Irish Studies.
by Adam January 22, 2004
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A specific breed of Irish person that vary from place to place.
Are incredibly defensive of Dublin, (for obvious reasons, everyone seems to dislike Dubliners?) Even though most can be 'dead sound' or 'a legend'

In the northside, typically, you are more likely to come across the tracksuit, 45 degree caps, runners types "Here yooou! Giz a fookin fag or sometin!"
And the southside, 80% of the time you are more likely to find, the preppy 5 stone guys and girls, that daddy buys everything for, the 'I just fucked this up' hairstyle that took 4 hours, rudgy, ponies, cars, OMG!

But it is not uncommon to find posh places in the northside and skanger places in the southside, Ballybrack + Shankill for example. These poor people have to live with the stigma of technically living in the southside, EVEN THOUGH daddy cant buy them a break my windows (BMW)
#1: Like OMG hi! A Dubliner! Roish where abouts are you from

#:2 Eh, the southside (wtf is wrong with yer hair? Were you dragged backwards through a bush?)

#1: OMG!!!! Loike me too!! How many ponies and BMW's do you have???

#2: None? My dad cant afford to buy me a pony right now? I have a nice little Toyota though?

#1: a Toyota?......loike, what is wrong with you? Thats what people in the third world drive? Omg! Where did you say you were from again?

#2: Shankill, why?

#1:........oh? Ew, I cant be seen talking to you!!

#2:........*headbutts in face* damn D4's
by Black_Rose_325 July 27, 2008
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