Although the capital city of Ireland; most of it's D4, Blackrock, Castleknock inhabitants and Trinity Alumini wish that it was part of Britain and like to think that they are superior to those that are from "the sticks" (i.e. anywhere that's not D4 and Castleknock).
by Brian Boru January 05, 2006
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In California. A gay ass town where everyone tries to act gangster and there aint shit to do there except go bowling or to the movies. All the guys think theyre the shit and all the girls are bitches. Everyone thinks theyre all hard and doesnt even know how to really even be "gangster."
The "gangsters" in dublin are all white.
by Phylicia Hendricks April 11, 2008
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The best suburb of columbus. the home of dublin high school (now called dublin coffman) where the students get F'd as N's and drive 270 laughing at all the surrounding communities that arent dublin. it's basically just like the high school in the movie Dazed and Confused but even more lawless (Cosmos = The Emporium). Cosmo magazine voted it "best annorexic chicks in the midwest" Basically its the only city in central ohio where a man can get a decent hard-on.
im from dublin and ive banged more chicks than the whole city of upper arlington combined
by mitch cramer November 30, 2006
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Dublin is a large upperclass suburb off of Columbus filled with snotty "rich" kids (bassically who think they are the shit because their parents went bankrupt to take them shopping.) Their heads are bigger then their pocket books, and the only thing they have to show for is the creation of Wendys. Confirm the stereotype of rich, snotty, DUMB, blondes and shallow guys with sicks in their ass. You a gold digger? You like fake women with boughten tits and bottle blonde hair? This is the place for you!
Tai- Hey Im getting botox in Dublin today!
Kelly- really? I thought you were getting a nose job today?
Tai- aren't they the same thing?
Kelly- oh yeah I forgot...
by RichieCG December 06, 2005
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A city in Ireland.

At best it resembles the run down part of somewhere really average. If you took "Kings Cross" of London and made it more grotty, horrible and generally shit, it would still be better then Dublin.

A pint will cost you a years wages, and all the traditional Irish pubs have Bar Staff from some other grotty country in Europe (Note; where they come from is still almost certainly nicer than Dublin by default)
Question: "Why don't we go for a lovely Holiday in Dublin?"

Answer: "No"
by Friedbabyandchips July 13, 2009
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A crappy city with nothing to do. Full of old people and crappy high schools, there is really no reason to go to dublin. If you want a real town, go to hilliard.
by your mother's clitoris August 05, 2012
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The capital of Ireland.

Britain controls Northern Ireland, and is ruled from London.
Everyone in Dublin is obsessed with the color green.
by Matt Owens December 20, 2005
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