After 6 days of hard work, God had a few minutes to spare. He looked at all the left over crap from his labours and thought, what the fuck am i gonna do wer all this shit thats left over. He gathered it all up and chucked it to the side. Some years later cavemen arrived on the east coast of Ireland in boats made out of tree trunks and found Gods unwanted crap and called it Dublin. Since those days all the human crap produced in Ireland has somehow made its way to Dublin. Today we know this crap as, Dubliners.

How to spot a Dubliner. Copy and paste the following: 33, show it to some one in Dublin and ask them to read it out loud. If they say turty tree then they are indeed the crap God rejected.

Dubliners are usually lazy and ugly. Avoid the "Liberties" at all costs because its full of low life scallies...No on reflection avoid all of Dublin but if you cannot avoid the place you better have all the cash reserves of Fort Knocks in your pocked and be prepared to pay a million times more for stuff than anywhere else in the world.

If you do visit Dublin then remember, the only good Dubliner is a dead Dubliner.
Dublin, fuck off, i aint stupid enough to go there and if i was i would rather be hanged, drawn and quartered for my stupidity.
by undisclosed desires February 25, 2010
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the last few pulls on a doob, usually searing hot and fit only for the burnt-to-fuck lips of Dobby.
The word comes from a gradual development of 'nubbins' to 'nublins' and finally 'dublins', so called because of the tutting noise made as the smoker desperately tries to cool their burnt lips. however this usually and inevitably ends in a rancid brown burnt on the tokers lips.
Dave: *cough* Who's got dublins on this?
(passes spliff)
Dobby: yes...
by lesserlads July 06, 2010
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Dublin is wild and Crazy. He's has no limits, fearless. Dublin can be very sweet and charming but be careful of that handsome face and enchanting eyes because his mood can change in a heartbeat. He can be very devious.
Dublin is a charming monster
by Megladomis December 20, 2016
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A bunch of broke ass people who think their the shit and actually are that's why we Stephenville people whip y'all off.
Hey bro what's that shit on you?

O damn it's just sum dublin
by Hakj123 August 23, 2017
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A little bitch boy who doesn't do homework and tells you to fuck off all the time. Has a alien body and a small dick
Jake "Yo where is Dublin"
Hunter "I don't know man, I heard he has a small cock though"
Jake "Yeah and a alien body"
Dublin "Fuck off mother fuckers, I know my mom is hot"
by O ise fake wigI Use Fake Weigh November 15, 2017
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