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A 45 degree is when a guy is masturbating really fast and he accidently jerks it the wrong way too far and it snaps.
Oh snap!!! Call the ambulance!!! i just 45 degreed myself!!!
by yourbaby'sdaddy September 27, 2006
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Used when referencing something that manly men do not do but is considered common for homosexuals. "ie limp wrist"


Taken from the joke about "the difference between Hitler and a homosexual".
Passer by: "so there were four guys talking about the twilight series and debating whether it was a romance or a tragedy."
Guy: "they're all 45 degrees"
by athletictrainer May 30, 2012
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A lazy co-worker that is always leaning (at 45 degrees) on something while everyone else is working.
Travis is leaning again. Man that guy is one lazy motherfucker. He's always at a 45 degree angle. We shall call him "45 Degrees".
by Nojunkinthattrunk July 23, 2011
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