A preppy white city in ohio. Home of the field of corn and the dancing bunnies. Dublin is for people with more money then they know what to do with. It is the home of wendys and homosexuals.
Joe- Dude Lets go for a spin in my eclipse
John- No lets go in my mustang.
Joe- no lets take my daddys porshe
John- totally we can go around all of dublin's roundabouts.
by Josh Sykes October 4, 2005
1. A psuedonym for a chick so hot that she causes you to have an erection; ie, causes your dick to be "dublin."

2. A pick-up line. (See below)

3. Opposite of "nubblin," which is a chick so ugly that she causes shrinkage, or makes your junk turtle.
At the bar: "Hey baby, you must be from Ireland, 'cause you're so fine, I'm dublin."
by Jurisdawg March 8, 2013
is a suburb of columbus where jackass fratboys drive around in their daddys Mercedes or in the case of pete whitman in his dads suburban knocking peoples trashcans over and abusing those less spoiled.
blaring rap music plays on a street in dublin - Pete Whitman pulls up HEY FUCKERS! FUCK YOU MAN! HAHAHAHA FUCKERS!
by idontwannahurt October 5, 2005
A rich suburb northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Hated on by surrounding 'burbs because it is obviously the best. Known for the affluent neighborhood Muirfield because it hosts the annual Memorial Tournament, a stop on the PGA tour. You are probably surrounded by 3 golf courses at any point in the city. Dublin is also home to Wendy's, Nationwide, and Cardinal Health. Jerome is the best high school, and has won many academic awards as well as state titles in lacrosse, golf, hockey and tennis. Coffman is full of sluts but they're good at football. No one cares about the druggies at Scioto.
"Honey, maybe we should move to Hilliard" - wife

"Do you want our daughter to be a pregnant drug addict by age 15? No we're moving to Dublin." - husband
by GoCelts March 14, 2013
A wealthy suburb northeast of Columbus. A great place to live. Known for the golf tournament, Murfield (which is overrated if you don't live there), Wendy's, and the Irish Festival even though no one is irish. The schools are very good and the community is very well managed. Coffman HS is the best. It's a nice place to grow up but you can become a little prejudiced and driving around the rest of Ohio is really depressing. There is practically no crime and we don't really have any problems :) Dublin is an awesome place to live despite the mean defitions on here (probably written by people from Worthington or another town that hates us)
dublin is the nicest town in ohio!
by htk015 October 17, 2009
In California. A gay ass town where everyone tries to act gangster and there aint shit to do there except go bowling or to the movies. All the guys think theyre the shit and all the girls are bitches. Everyone thinks theyre all hard and doesnt even know how to really even be "gangster."
The "gangsters" in dublin are all white.
by Phylicia Hendricks April 12, 2008
Dublin is a large upperclass suburb off of Columbus filled with snotty "rich" kids (bassically who think they are the shit because their parents went bankrupt to take them shopping.) Their heads are bigger then their pocket books, and the only thing they have to show for is the creation of Wendys. Confirm the stereotype of rich, snotty, DUMB, blondes and shallow guys with sicks in their ass. You a gold digger? You like fake women with boughten tits and bottle blonde hair? This is the place for you!
Tai- Hey Im getting botox in Dublin today!
Kelly- really? I thought you were getting a nose job today?
Tai- aren't they the same thing?
Kelly- oh yeah I forgot...
by RichieCG December 7, 2005