A popular YouTube group called the krew. There are 5 members
The krew have a YouTube channel called itsfunneh
by Bettys.boba November 21, 2020
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skate company that sells skate clothes
Look at those skaters, they are al wearing Krew
by STOLENnigger June 28, 2005
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A group or teenagers, who have formed a small gang.

Mostly consists of taggers who mark their "territory" with markers and almost always smoke weed. Mostly non-violent but are prone to protect their territory.
That krew tagged up the school the other day.
by Blind January 25, 2005
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A group of skaters, consisting of 8 boys and one female member who is not a skater but supports the skating. They are from the bum fuck egypt, boring ass town of covington and are always found in THE neighborhood (dead end block next to wal-mart). Tito Beastly, Tarbaby, Nitro, Playboy, Trill, Dub, Dre-Dawg, Diesal, and Toof. With the plans to end up together at Moses Lake in the end, they also have a skate lingo that may not make sense to anyone else but only themselves. They have also been known to be called the royal family or royal fam, but prefer THE KREW. They are the original KREW and any other group of friends who decide to call eachother the krew are only fakes.
"Wheres the Krew?"

"Theyre down at the neighborhood."
by RatedreXXX September 2, 2009
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(n) a group of younger teens that walk around town sizing things up, but would definitely lose in a fight if challenged.
"get you, and your krew, to meet us behind the drug store."
by mista jawn April 19, 2009
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a krewe is a group that gets together to sponsor a float in a mardi gras parade.
bah duh end uh duh parade me n duh krewe was piss-ass drunk n throwin doz fat bags uh beads; damn, ya'll shoulda been der; we luvd us some whiskey.
by violet February 20, 2004
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Old school krews started with a 'journeyman' writer at the top, and toys or tryouts at the bottom, and variable skil writers within. Any number from 3 to 90 or so. at the very bottom were toys, aka scribble monkeys, who had a spray can and not much more than simple and crude scrawl which they placed on a wall.
The guy (girl) at the top would offer instruction, as well as induce the krew to go into battle (competition) with other tagging krews. Anyone who developed or showed promise of bigger, better writing, eventually became known as a writer.

in the tag world, there are various skill levels.
1- scribble or scrawl.
2- puff or bubble letters, usually 1 color.
3- puff or bubble letters with a 2 or 3 color fill.
4- monotone art, like a face or scene.
5- artwork with a 2 or 3 color fill or accent.
6- Piece (short for masterpiece), usually a layout with 5-13 color fills. Usually a stationary object like a wall. if on a moving vehicle or trailer, it's called a burner and others.
7- area of placement such as a bridge or billboard or sign high up, denotes heaven work. bigger, more elaborate or complex = more fame.
8- rolling bombs- instead of using spray cans, rollor bombs are made with a 9-inch paint roller, extension poles, and bulk paint. these tags can be 12' high, or more, and hundreds of feet long.
9- slapper wakks or decal krews. not writers per se, but spend hours redoing specific scribbles on adhesive backed labels that are affixed to any surface. a variation of this are those who scribe glass and steel with hardened pointed tools or sandpaper.
10- collaborations collabs) rival writers or krews that drop the hatchet temporarily to work out a joint piece or production.
11- production- any complex or elaborate tag or piece, including burners.
12- Toys are washouts or wannabees that have no style nor ability to place or create complex artistic pieces, just wak, or messed up stuff
Many junior high students want to belong to a tag krew, but don't have many skills.

It seems that the better piecers are older types, say 18 to 25, and have the best krew productions too.
by Billy Bubb March 29, 2009
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