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Her: Omg shes such a dubi
Friend: what’s a dubi?
Her: dumb bitch
by imadeitup January 21, 2018
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a lovely huggable cosy tou bear (comes from the Hebrew word: Dov, which its meaning is a bear)
I love my dubi, Dana never leave her Dubi alone.
by Dov Moran November 10, 2007
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Another term for marijuana that, let's face it, sounds WAY more ba than marijuana.
Yo bro! You been smokin that dubis?
by J Doubles November 09, 2010
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A girl with a perfect booty, sexy body, and beautiful hair but under-impressive tits and--possible ugly--face who, in doggie style or like position, you would love to have sex with, but not in any other positions.
Guy: "Damm dude you see that girl; her booty is on point."
Reply: "But did you see her face? She is a total dubis."
by JonnyLongfellow June 18, 2016
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When It takes two peple to buy one thing .
Mark and Ernie had to dubi a burger because they only had a dollar each.
by Ms. TNC June 13, 2018
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