a lovely huggable cosy tou bear (comes from the Hebrew word: Dov, which its meaning is a bear)
I love my dubi, Dana never leave her Dubi alone.
by Dov Moran November 10, 2007
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Something you yell when you want to be obnoxious or can't think of anything to say. Usually yelled rhythmically.
Guy #1: "What's the square root of 49?"
Guy #2: "uhhh.... DUBI DUBI!!!"
by mr. cool??? April 20, 2010
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Another was of spelling (doobie) but also accepted among teenagers as a slang for "joint".
by Stoner2000 July 12, 2017
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1. Poor spelling of a word meaning joint (doobie) - influenced by college hijinx.

2. Dude who happens to show up when the bong fires up, but never buys a bag.
1. Hand me a dubie, i'm too poor to afford two "o"s.

2. Man, dubie must have a nose that can smell this skunk a mile away. Here comes dubie.
by Leif February 18, 2005
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Her: Omg shes such a dubi
Friend: what’s a dubi?
Her: dumb bitch
by imadeitup January 21, 2018
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Another term for marijuana that, let's face it, sounds WAY more ba than marijuana.
Yo bro! You been smokin that dubis?
by J Doubles November 09, 2010
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