The act of oral sex given to a man while the woman uses both her hands at the same time to grip the shaft and simultaneously stroke and twist as she sucks.

A man of adequate penis length and a woman of excellent skill is needed to pull off the dually.
The wife was too tired to fuck last night but she gave me a wicked dually.

I brought home flowers for the old lady and got a dually in return.

Woke up this morning and caught a dually before work.
by KN CP December 15, 2013
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When two people are dully impressed at the same time.
I showed your sisters your pictures and they were dually impressed.
by WallaWallaRick July 27, 2010
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The unique occurrence of finding two commercial bath tissues jammed vertically and partially submerged in a toilet bowl. If done correctly, a dippin dually will resemble the back two tires of a dually truck.
While not as disgusting as a shit lasagna a dippin dually almost always manages to provoke a nice little laugh or a sense of great fraud, waste, and abuse.
by spracdracular April 14, 2019
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Common West Texas term for a push broom.
Hey Jake, grab that witch dually and sweep that shit up.
by jrob10 February 18, 2015
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In poker, Texas hold em mainly, when one is dealt a hand of a pair of 2's
"ok, i call your all in, what do you have?"


by mike September 15, 2004
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When something is justly noted, but also of, or pertaining to, multiple purposes.
Frank: "Hey, Jeff, your zipper is unzipped and your shoes are untied."
Jeff: "Dually noted, Frank."
by Mr. Condescending Douchebag September 27, 2011
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