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noun. A mustache made famous in the 1980's; worn by the likes of Tom Selleck and Ron Jeremy amongst others. Named as such for its very thick and bushy manner closely resembling a push broom. Accentuated by the fact there is no goatie to compliment. Though outdated, a favorite amongst murphs (see murph).
Because of his push broom, Otranto could smell the remnance of the zot (see zot)Freeda gave him for days.
by murphonius murp September 29, 2004
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When a Gay man with a moustache has a big penis in his mouth. It in essence looks like a Push Broom
Man, I went to the castro district in San Francisco once, and I saw these two guys in the alley. One guy with a moustache was giving head to the other. Total push broom action.
by jaymax45 January 11, 2011
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A two handed hand-job, where the hands twist while stroking downward on the shaft - the same hand motion when operating a push-broom.
She's not the best kisser, but she knows how to give a mean push broom.
by granpescado May 17, 2010
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The act of taking one's moustache and running it the length of his partner's vagina for sexual stimulation.
I gave that bitch a push broom last night.
by yeahtubbs October 16, 2007
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a rediculous mustache that is typically thick and dark in color that resembles the head of a pushbroom
hey did you see that smelly persian with the pushbroom mustache hitting on your sister?
by bawlsmahoney September 04, 2011
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