The ultimate hand in poker. No hand, no matter what anyone says, will lose to the mighty force that is dually twolliez.
"Ha! WTF ur a N00B! I have 4 qces!!11!1one!1"

*clears throat*

"Ahem. Stfu, I have dually twolliez bizatch, you fuckin lose! Give me your house!"


"Nooooooo! Blast those dually twolliez!"
by Mike September 15, 2004
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The act of adding another tire to both sides of the rear axle of any car (making it a dually). While this might not increase the towing capacity of most cars, it sure looks fucking cool. Also called "trailer-parking" or "white-trashing."
Cletus: "Hey, Brandine, we gotta move."
Brandine: " The only car we got is the IROC, how we 'sposed ta move the trailer."
Earl: "Hey, Cletus, ya outta put that Camaro a dually, y'all could sure trail that home 'a yours mighty far if that IROC were a dually!"
by The Original Slim Bavis December 9, 2003
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To show both middle fingers simultaneously, essentially telling someone to fuck off twice.
Jim - Your two legged dog can only walk in circles, hahaha!

Ted - Well Jim, you insensitive nooshbag, I think I will justify that comment with a set of dually home growns! (Produce middle fingers)
by DMP June 10, 2005
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When two men fiercely engage in double penetration in a girls anus.
That Sophie couldn’t get enough man, so Jack and Joe had to give her the Dirty Dually last Saturday.
by Dirty Dually November 27, 2021
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