To flush a toilet after shutting of the water supply to it so it has no water supply. Then you defecate in in the now dry bowl. The next sorry bastard comes in to use the toilet wondering what that foul odor is and tries to flush it down before he/she uses the toilet only to see that there is no water and they are SHIT out of luck on using the toilet.
The walmart got a drydocker last night and I was the poor bastard who walked in on the surprise. I tried hard to flush it, but there was no water. I wanted to vomit all over the place.
by Don May 1, 2011
when at a party where you don't know the owner make your way to the bathroom. Turn off the water to the toilet (valve behind toilet) then flush all the water out. Once it is dry take a big shit in it.
I dyrdocked one over at that Schrum's house, because that ass top shelfed me.
by Plumber brandon May 1, 2003
Fucking someone's ass without lube. Known to be painful.
Ann: "We were horny as hell and didn't have any lube, so Steve just threw me on the couch for some drydocking."
Stacy: "So that's why you haven't sat down all day."
by CaptainPlatypus May 11, 2009
Drydocking is when you have two gay guys. One is circumcized, the other is not. The uncircumcized one wraps his foreskin around the other guy's penis and they jerk each other off at the same time this way.
Those two gays are going in the back room to drydock.
by Cromster of Oryx October 5, 2005
After he was done blowing his wad in her ass, he felt his bowels tingling and decided it was time for some drydocking.
by 666peter999 February 26, 2009
While in the middle of vaginal aquatic intercourse, the man pulls out and sticks it in the anal cavity of his partner without her prior knowledge.
Justin didn't have a vagina, but he loved getting deepwater drydocked from behind anyways.
by Mateo Sastre June 10, 2006