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To flush a toilet after shutting of the water supply to it so it has no water supply. Then you defecate in in the now dry bowl. The next sorry bastard comes in to use the toilet wondering what that foul odor is and tries to flush it down before he/she uses the toilet only to see that there is no water and they are SHIT out of luck on using the toilet.
The walmart got a drydocker last night and I was the poor bastard who walked in on the surprise. I tried hard to flush it, but there was no water. I wanted to vomit all over the place.
by Don April 30, 2011
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to rid a toilet of it flushing water and then to deficate in to the toilet, thus a dry docker
I went to wal mart and gave them a dry docker, it was hilarious.
by Don September 27, 2003
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