When you have sex so often in one day that you can no longer produce any seminal fluid while ejaculating.
After you have multipule ejaculations after having sex all day you can no longer cum ex. dry heaves
by AlkalineProdigy March 19, 2009
When you cum so many times your dick has no more semen to release.
Ima make you cum so much I'll leave your dick dry heaving.
by Trashley Z. September 30, 2013
They're like the dry heaves for your ass.
That Taco Bell put me on the toilet for two solid hours. By the end of it, my system had been completely cleaned out and I had nothing but anal dry heaves.
by macweirdo42 February 24, 2008
When a man has enough intercourse in a day that he cannot produce enough semen thus creating a dry heave effect via the penis.
When I finally came for the tenth time today my penis dry heaved (dry heaving penis) his final breath.
by Heaving penis August 29, 2010
When a male has previously came and either continues to fuck or have his dick sucked and nothing comes out.

Dry heaving is another word for refractory period sex
Man i was dick dry heaving lastnight after I nutted on Jennifer the first time. She wanted to suck my dick and have me bust in her mouth but nothing came out
by Penisclacker45 November 26, 2018