the morning after a long drinking session, where you have nothing in your stomach but still feel the urge to vomit. nothing comes up.
the morning after my ten cans of john smiths, i had the dry heaves
by Rkty January 26, 2008
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when vomiting is no longer fun
I was feeling, like, regular bad, then the dry heaves made an appearance.
by one slack martian April 11, 2006
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When you have sex so often in one day that you can no longer produce any seminal fluid while ejaculating.
After you have multipule ejaculations after having sex all day you can no longer cum ex. dry heaves
by AlkalineProdigy March 19, 2009
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Gagging on the edge of puking without actual vomit.

Accompanied by a disgusting sound.
Did you see Pacey Tracey stick her fingers down her throat so she would dry heave? How do you not know how to burp at 24
by CindyCheeks January 24, 2020
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to have throw up convulsions but nothing comes out
her pussy smelt like a stale week old tuna sandwich so much I had dry heaved
by handle August 15, 2003
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sounds of pre-vomit convulsions that display that the puking object is ready and we can go with the mass
Paula puke doing her variation of the dry heave in b-flat minor.
by santa_anus February 25, 2020
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the worst feeling in the world because your muscles contract and you feel like crying
I was dry heaving today and i was pissed
by urban_james November 24, 2007
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