An unfortunate term used to describe a place or event consisting of 0% alcohol.
Roommate A:This bar sucks because it ran dry.

Roommate B:Let's go back to our place and continue the party there. At least we're stocked up for Armageddon.

Roommate A: Great idea. This place sucks anyway

Random-ass person: WOOOOOOO, PARTY TIME!!!
by Sluggish Addreall May 04, 2019
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Insultingly Funny, but True
Adam: What do you think of my haircut:
Steve: Dude, that haircut is lame!
Adam: :(
Steve: Dry!
by Mr.Knight July 09, 2011
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when someone says a joke and it's stupid it's dry
<Insultor> Yo momma is so fat that when she sat on the rainbow skittos popped out!

<Insultee> THAT WAS DRY!! Like yo upper lip
by AC December 06, 2003
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The feeling one gets when they smoke a bowl then drinks some four loko left over from before. Symptoms Include feeling drowsy with a bit of perkiness and a mixture of melancholy elation when in public; generally not the most recommended place to find yourself in when experiencing this state of being.
Mark believed that he could keep his composure after becoming dry so he allowed himself to go out to the movies and was kicked out after causing too much commotion during Gulliver's Travels.
by crazykidcarlson91 April 25, 2011
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something that's mean or bitchy to say
"yo, she fully ignored me when i was talking to her"
"man that's so dry"
by verdigriselphaba December 26, 2008
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When someones complimenting someone so much, they reach the level of being dry (as in sucking them off).
Joe: Man that was such a good game, you made every single shot you attempted, and got 22 rebounds
Bob: DRY!!
by thedubdee13 September 10, 2011
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