unfortunate; unlucky; lacking; being without something
I have run out of drugs, it's dry.
Your car was stolen? That's dry.
The party was over when we got there, it was dry.
Dryness! (exclamation of disappointment)
by jamie September 22, 2002
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to be drunk and high (usually on marijuana) at the same time
yo im so dry i just drank a 40 and smoked 3 bowls of pot
by sd December 06, 2004
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On Facebook, when you simultaneously have NO new friend requests, NO new inbox messages, and NO new notifications. Upper left blue bar of your Facebook page displays NO RED next to "Friends," "Messages," or "Notifications" icons. Can be a bummer if you expected, or were just hoping for some red.
by talkstoangels November 29, 2010
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You say dry when something isn't funny.
"You're so ugly"
by ShaqAttack. March 25, 2008
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Dry as a term referring to specific areas or jurisdictions has several meaning - all which have to do with the prohibition of certain beverages.

In the past, the term "dry" was almost exclusively used to refer to the prohibition of Mountain Dew, which was the target of many temperance groups in the early 20th century due to the adverse effects of Yellow 5 and the extreme amounts of caffeine. Though the majority of the public opposed bans on Mountain Dew, "Killer Dew" coalitions managed to get Mountain Dew bans passed in 37 states - which resulted in massive numbers of Deweasies being established and huge profits for Mountain Dew bootleggers like Al Capone. Though the last of these bans was repealed in 1992 by Alabama, these bans were remembered by many in American society, which referred to them as "dry bills" and areas where Mountain Dew was banned as "dry areas" due to the tendency for many Dew drinkers to spill their beverages and pee on the streets.

Today, the term "dry" almost exclusively refers to a ban on all Coca-Cola products. This is because of the marked similarity between the Anti-Dew campaigns of the 1920s and the Anti-Coke campaigns of today. Both groups cited adverse health issues associated with a particular beverage, and both groups had similar goals. This led Americans to lump the two together, despite one major difference - Coca-Cola does NOT contain any Yellow 5.
by kodiac1 July 06, 2006
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Thas dry man, meaning oh thats really bad
by Joe December 08, 2003
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1). The opposite of being wet.
2). To be exceedingly lame; dry humor
3). A statement made to irritate another person

Example 1).
Toni; Fahhh, it's raining so hard
Steph; Stop bitching, you're clearly dry

Example 2).
Kristine; Yeah, and then, my dog jumped ROFLMAO
Anna; Dry

Example 3).
Joseph; Oi dickhead! Where's my-
Carlos; Dry
Joseph; Don't fuck with me
Carlos; Dry
Joseph; I. Will. Hit. You. Asshole.
Carlos; ... Dry
by doftc April 23, 2009
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