In Australia, a 'drop kick' refers to someone who isn't very smart and hasn't made it very far in life. A drop kick usually doesn't go to school anymore, either having dropped out or done very poorly in Year 12, and is usually either unemployed or working a crappy low paid job full time (such as at McDonalds, KFC, supermarket etc), with no aspirations to do anything better with their lives. Many smoke and/or do drugs. Many drop kicks are eshays or bogans.

Drop kicks can be found hanging around train stations or bus interchanges, shopping centres and of course in low paid, unskilled jobs like fast food or supermarkets.
Guy 1: So, what happened to James? He dropped out of school before we graduated, what's he doing now?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's working at McDonalds full time. He's a total drop kick.
by 10lo January 19, 2014
1. To run at person, door, or inanimate object and jumping either of the ground or bench,table,chair.. etc in the air extending both legs so the body is parallel or horizontal to the ground and hitting the designated target usually breaking or knocking over the target with the kicker usually falling to the ground. Hence a drop kick.
Guy 1: "Dude I so wanna drop kick that freshman in the face"
Guy 2: "You should defiantly do it, dude"
by T.BiGGz September 10, 2006
When you have to use brute force to get a piece of computer or networking equipment working properly again.
No one is able to connect to that server, I am about to apply drop kick.
by Shadowed_Stranger April 9, 2010
1) n. A maneuver in which one charges at an object or person, jumps upwards, and throws their feet forwards in a kicking motion, just before a point of impact with said object or person. Different variations exist, one keeping the abdomin vertical to the ground while only adjusting the torso; another variation consists of a full horizontal execution in which the performer does a half-spin so that they land on their belly. In both variations, it is typical for the actual kick to consist of both feet, one above the other, so that maximum force is applied.
2) v. To perform a drop-kick on a person or object.
3) n/adj. - Slang in some English speaking regions to refer to an educational dropout or failure at life. (ie: Australia)
1) You can do a drop-kick in the zombie survival game, Dying Light.
2) Dude! Did you see the drop-kicks from Jackass!?
3) You bloody drop-kick.
by F.Courier May 12, 2015
A small dog that is both stinky and yappy and makes you want to pick it up and punt it like a foot ball.
"awwww cute little drop kick"
by MaddyK March 18, 2006
To drop something on the floor and kick it to make it seem like to did not drop it.
When you order a bbq chicken pizza and one of the toppings fall off and you drop kick it under a table in order to hide the fact that you didn't drop anything.
by Sinfo Girls March 15, 2009