noun - in basketball, a phrase used to describe a big man whose toughness is considerably less than his size would imply. a big man who does little to deter dunks or shots near the basket.
Pass me the rock; I got bbq chicken guarding me.

Take it to the hole! Bbq chicken can't stop you!

I looked in the paint and saw bbq chicken standing there, so I put the ball on the floor and went to the hoop.

by baller OG March 03, 2009
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When in an nba game, and a scrub center checks into the game, scream this phrase to let everyone know he’s coming in
by creasypoo April 30, 2019
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A piece of dried out chicken covered in Grade B bbq sauce. Often times sounds and looks delicious but will cause severe gastrointestinal pain that may cause you to miss work for the rest of the day.
Joe was so excited when he heard the cafeteria was serving BBQ Bone in Chicken until 20 minutes after eating in which he was no longer able to spend more that 10 minutes away from the bathroom.
by hgifhtys January 16, 2020
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