to make out with a female
damn bro i'm gunna kick it to jazmyn tomorrow! let me get some mints!!
by Ojax August 4, 2009
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a term people use in place of the wordhang out
hey bro let’s kick it!”
yea fo sho
by badass bitch what u lookin @ January 15, 2020
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hey bro nice kicks u got there

hey u wanna smoke this bowl for kicks?
by djnick November 6, 2003
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abbreviation of "klance is canon king" a saying that is very common in the voltron: legendary defender fandom. klance is a ship surrounded by the romantic relationship of keith and lance. (the actual show doesn't have lgbt representation)
"do you know keith and lance? they had a bonding moment!"
"yea, I know KICK!!
by lgbtkick June 30, 2018
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Just layin back and chillin.
Heather: Hey babe, You wanna come over and kick-it?

Kaela: Hell yeah. Sounds Fun.
by Bonezzz March 7, 2007
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An after party after a night out with the rowdiest of boys, usually involves heinous amounts of drugs and alcohol.
Rowdy Boy 1: Fuck me, it's only 1pm and Tramp has shut already. What do we do now?
Rowdy Boy 2: Don't worry man, I heard there's a kick on session at Judgie's, his parents are in Bali at the moment
by Kick on June 29, 2015
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The point at which canabis becomes totally exhausted, reduced totally to ash. See cashed.
Dude, I'm just getting hot air, this bowl is kicked.
by Teh Pope March 20, 2005
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