When someone gives you what you think is a compliment but is really an insult.
Wow, I think my Mom just gave me a drop kick compliment yesterday. She tells me, "Out of all your siblings you are the prettiest, but your sister is the smartest".

I said, "Thanks, I think..."
by artsytexan April 01, 2011
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The art of jumping up and slamming your penis into a girls vagina like a drop kick
Hey babe you wanna try to do a dick drop kick tonight
by JEREME-SAN February 08, 2021
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this is a sexual youthanism made up by my friend jay but now everyone in town and school uses it.

He had an unripe banana for lunch so spat it out and drop-kicked it causing a suspicous white mess on his shoe. After trying to explain it, jay and eventually other use "drop-kick a banana" as referance to anything sexual involving both a penis and a foot.

Jay never ate a banana again
rhiannon drop-kicked her boyfrieds banana last night.

amber is going to drop-kick a banana.

alana loves drop-kicking bananas.
by richard george July 22, 2008
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"Dude, you just totally drop-kicked my puppy. I was just about to say that."
"I can't believe he drop-kicked my puppy. I would have gotten a promotion with that idea."
by Two Improvising Students October 22, 2013
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Australian rhyming slang for the word 'cunt'.

In Aussie Rules Football, a 'dropped kick' is referred to as a 'punt'. As is typical with rhyming slang, the joke has been moved one step away from the obvious - instead of calling someone a 'punt', the term 'drop kick' is used.
"You worthless little drop-kick!"

(Example courtesy of Kanabia :p)
by Shaed March 09, 2005
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