A yuppie with a cell phone growing out of their ear. In the 19th century, men carried big guns on their belts to make up for a lack of size in other areas. Cell phones have replaced the gun on the belt. A cell phone on the belt gives the wearer a since of importance.
"I am so important, I have to carry a cell phone on my belt so that people can get in touch with me anywhere and any time when there is a crisis that only I can handle."
It is hard to enjoy a meal in a restaurant with all the yappies constantly talking on their cell phones.
by Questor October 13, 2004
Noun- Annoying upwardly mobile young professionals who incessantly talk/text about nothing of any social value. Usually pertaining to their latest material purchase, who they had dinner with or other inane subjects.
I wish that Yappie would shut up about his weekend in the Hamptons.

If that Yappie next to me doesn't shut up about how many facebook friends he has, I'm going to break my beer bottle over his head.

If that jackass Yappie could quit Twittering for five seconds, he might actually learn something.
by Guy39SD June 12, 2010
Someone that is below a joke, a yappie talks a lot but doesn't act upon what they preach...
Oscar:"I thought you were going to show up at the party last night
Leon: "Dude, my girl wouldn't let me go out!
Oscar: "You're such a yappie.
by dsffa December 14, 2017
a laid back scene of furry fun where canine friends come together to unleash and unwind while enjoying such amenities as an H2O bar, puptails and pupitizers; a doggie "tail" gate party.
I enjoyed kicking back a cold one while my pooch FiFi sniffed and slobbered, I mean mixed and mingled her way through Yappy Hour. One doggie owner held up a sign and it read "BARK IF YOU LOVE YAPPY HOUR" woof, woof, woof and it went on and on and on.
by DBABE50 April 17, 2014
any variety of incessantly yapping beloved lap dog (only by its' owner, ie: 'not my child')

someone who talks WAY too much! ie: diarrhea of the mouth!!
the crackheads were burglarizing a house when they encountered yappy the dog!!

that bitch talks WAY too much!! -fuckin' ay!!, -yappy the dog!
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009