Someone who has entered a country in an unwanted and possibly illegal fashion. A term readily applied (in a racist fashion) against Muslims in the UK, Lebanese in Australia and anyone in Florida.
"What the heck? That guy didn't even speak English."
"I know, just some other drop kick that we don't need..."
by September 30, 2006
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an irish drinking/fighting band that you listin to while drinking beer and cruising;with songs such as fuck you im drunk,irish drinking song and boys on the dock etc.
robert:hey are we gonna drop kick tonight?
Owen:Hell ya, were gonna get fuckin plasterd!
by sweetypi33 October 27, 2008
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Formally known as a purse dog, this is an especially annoying breed of Chihuahua (Mexican Rat). It has an extremely annoying bark and tiny ass body. It will bark for the hell of it and will drive you fucking insane. Their very presence will make you want to pick up their bitch-ass and drop-kick them right over the fence. Basically, it is a hell spawn.
Greg to Bob: "There goes Tina and her drop-kick chihuahua. That thing drives me insane!"
by ModernWumbologist May 20, 2014
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A large woman taking a shit, you barge in and drop kick her off the pot.
That fat girl was stinking up the bathroom so I gave her a hippopotamus drop kick.
by suzie crew April 02, 2009
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little white extremely fuzzy dog with a little voice that cuts through your head like a half-broken bandsaw that I'd kick without picking up
There she is walking her drop-kick dog on my lawn again.
by RaisinMuffin June 14, 2007
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a more physically detrimental harm than a simple kick in the neck
Ant, Dan and I believed that the bank employee who was not mingling deserved a drop kick in the neck.
by Benjamin Lax April 28, 2008
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