To stop using an app or deleting it
“Yo, I dropped it
“Dropped what?”
“Snapchat. Them streaks were taking too much time to send.”
by Lena.0206 July 25, 2018
Hoe. Female or Male who will drop their pants for anyone. Annoying to be around because they flaunt the fact that they're Very sexually active with many different partners
Bryant has a different female at his house every weekend he's a drop.
by realillness October 20, 2013
to release an album to the public.
the new jay-z dropped last week.
by d-shadow January 16, 2004
when a person mentions something (usually in a subtle manner) that is completely unnecessary to the conversation, and serves only as a gateway for the person to indirectly brag about his/herself.
this is an extension of name dropping.
Todd: "Hey!"
Tucker: "Hi!"
Todd: "My name is Todd, what's yours?"
Tucker: "Tucker, hey where are you from?"
Todd: "Louisiana, you?"
Tucker: "Oh, I'm from California *where I won the national championship 7 years in a row for Greco-Roman wrestling."
by abrelosojos March 24, 2005
you dj drop me something by eminem
by tizzy April 16, 2003
The word drop can mean a lowerd car.
Low rider.
i was pimping it in the drop dog.
the chevy was droped.
ima flip them hoes digits when im in my candy drop
by Snow Cone September 25, 2005
mr maffia and godzilla are in a battle to the death, godzilla's got the drop.
by Jasminer August 31, 2005