To stop using an app or deleting it
“Yo, I dropped it
“Dropped what?”
“Snapchat. Them streaks were taking too much time to send.”
by Lena.0206 July 25, 2018
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to deliver narcotics out of a car
"im boutta drop nic to some of my boys"
by REEFER CHIEFER August 23, 2020
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A word said by Ned Beatty (Bobby) to indicate a question as to what was proposed by one of the two “mountain men” in the 1972 film Deliverance, a fictional story four suburban professional men from Atlanta, Georgia on a weekend canoe and camping trip that encounter two rednecks (Georgia Crackers). That is when you have to use the word "Drop"' with a question mark "?" When your mind wonders if something you consider bad is going to happen to you.
Mountain Man: Now, let's you just drop them pants.
Bobby: Drop?
Mountain Man: Just take 'em right off.
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
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To drop meaning to take acid. ‘Dropped earlier’ acid
I took a drop earlier. Or/ I dropped earlier

by Oashdbdd July 12, 2020
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In Liverpool this is wen you punch someone and they go down
did u see the wack on him. He dropped him off one punch
by dropped October 22, 2003
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kid: mama was i dropped as a child?
Mom: yep
by samalad January 6, 2017
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David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.
by SirTokesAlot August 3, 2005
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