when someone breaks up with someone or kicks em to the curb
Oh I dropped him last week!
by bob January 4, 2004

A word said by Ned Beatty (Bobby) to indicate a question as to what was proposed by one of the two “mountain men” in the 1972 film Deliverance, a fictional story four suburban professional men from Atlanta, Georgia on a weekend canoe and camping trip that encounter two rednecks (Georgia Crackers). That is when you have to use the word "Drop"' with a question mark "?" When your mind wonders if something you consider bad is going to happen to you.
Mountain Man: Now, let's you just drop them pants.
Bobby: Drop?
Mountain Man: Just take 'em right off.
by Billy BullSchitter August 6, 2016
In Liverpool this is wen you punch someone and they go down
did u see the wack on him. He dropped him off one punch
by dropped October 22, 2003
to deliver narcotics out of a car
"im boutta drop nic to some of my boys"
by REEFER CHIEFER August 23, 2020
David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.
by SirTokesAlot August 3, 2005
Drops are another category of moves within the dance of BBoying.

Drops provide are meant to provide smooth transitioning from toprock to footwork.

Common foundational drops are the knee drop, corkscrew, and front and back sweeps.

Drops can also be categorized as suicides. Suicides are moves where the dancer literally drops onto the ground in a seemingly painful way, but are painless if done correctly.

Common suicide drops are the coin drop and pencil drop.

Suicide drops also provide transitioning from one move to another. A BBoy can suicide into another move.
Sets with drops:
Toprock > Knee Drop > Footwork

Toprock > Coin Drop > Baby Mills
by BBoy Preacher November 30, 2008
became good. comes from how guys become much better when their balls drop.
Bill: Luke can finally punt the ball
Fred: Yeah his punts finally dropped
by Krazy Kat February 18, 2008