Of a recording artist, to have been released from their record company contract.

Typically used in connection with major label artists popular two years ago after an colossally expensive marketing campaign, but who are now objects of derision.

Most amusing when the artist was signed for tens of millions of dollars a few months previously, went mad and has sold four records since. See also Mariah Carey.
"Good Charlotte? Dropped within the year, I bet you."
by dullthud July 17, 2003
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The term *the drop" can refer to any type of exchange or transfer. It can also refer to the location or mechanism of exchange. Or "the drop" can refer to the parties involved in the exchange.
I need to re-up on weed hit up the drop

Yo ill send you the drop on PayPal or venmo or some shit

Yeah bro I'm good. Meet me at the drop in 10 minutes

tuck me that drop real quick bro, lemme get that. Slide me that drop all cool .

We just gonna get in, secure that drop, and get out bro.
by Fuckedurgirl August 10, 2019
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When a woman is asleep and breathing with her mouth open, the man approaches from behind and dunks his cock in her mouth.
Leslie was asleep and snoring, that's when John stepped behind her and gave her the drop in

by jasmit January 2, 2012
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a place where mob money is stored, a collection point.
Charley: Why do we have half a million dollars? The bank we robbed should have only had five grand or so.

Harman: Whoo-hoo, we lucked out!

Charley: Maybe that little bank was a drop, a collection point.

Harman: Oh shit.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 2, 2007
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Dropped - To trip somebody or take them to the ground with ease
Andy: Guess who had a fight today

Samantha: Who?

Andy: Tyler and Sean

Samantha: dead ass? Who one?

Andy: Tyler did, he dropped that nigga when he stalled on him
by Guarangochango April 17, 2011
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when someone breaks up with someone or kicks em to the curb
Oh I dropped him last week!
by bob January 4, 2004
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