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Death by having a Military Predator drone aircraft kill you by means of a Hellfire missile. Generally used in the past tense.
Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, Al Qeada's former treasurer, was recently droned on the Afghan Pakistan border.
by 801 August 24, 2010
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A most beautiful feeling, whose only catalysts are alcohol and pot, thus "dr-" as in drunk and "oned" as in stoned. It's a really crazy, idenifiable feeling that you wish was permanent.
Dude, someone should make a drug that makes you feel droned by itself. That would save time, and it would be terribly addictive!
by Witch's Brew October 12, 2005
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When you drink till your smashed then you smoke some chiba.
by J03Y March 01, 2004
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The state of a person while under the influence of pot and alcohol. CAn be extremly trippy or very chilled.

Also used to discribe a extreme state of drunkness, combination of drunk and owned
Guy1:Dammn guy did you see him dink that quart an burn that blunt, he's Droned!
Guy2L yeee

Guy1:My heads pounding...
guy2: yea you were droned as hell last night
by Blunt_Chilla500 April 09, 2007
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nice and drunked and nice and stoned at the same fuckin' time.
I was sittin out my tree when my boss phoned, and I said I can't do shit today man, I'm to droned.
by Andy September 01, 2003
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A combination of being "drunk" and "stoned," a.k.a., "intoxicated" and "high/baked"
"I'm droned out of my mind.";
"Are you droned, sir/miss?"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
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