Illegal in the majority of the EU drone is a potent synthetic drug currently being sold as "bath salts" or "plant food" legally across most U.S. states. Drone is short for Mephedrone, also known as 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), or 4-methylephedrone. It is a chemical analogue of cathinone found in the khat plant of eastern Africa.
I just scored a gram of 'drone
by Pharmz! March 11, 2011
A person with a generic sense of humour and mainstream sensibilities, esp. those who mock people for having superior taste.
"Did you watch X Factor last night? It was so funny."
"Of course I didn't, you fucking drone."
by Palimp December 8, 2011
one of those obnoxious kids who are all basically clones of each other. you know, those kids that all the girls like even though they have never produced an intelligent thought? They tend to all do the same things and be very popular with the proletariats. opposite of madhackr (by my definition)
just because that drone looks like freddie prinze my blonde love interest is into him
by madhackrlord February 3, 2003
people who buy/do things to "fit in" but are actually annoying, and not cool in the first place
that slut is a drone, did you see her "sex tape"?
by eric welch January 18, 2007
The lesbian member of a group of lesbians whose sole purpose is to service the queen lesbian of the group.
Don't pay her any attention, she's just a drone.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
Similar to swatting but using a military drone to take out your social media opponent
Iranian Maj. Gen. Quasem Soleimani was making fun of me on instagram so I called in a drone strike on him. He was a victim of a droning.
by Star Butterfly0130 January 4, 2020
Basically any idiot that you come across... another definition for just plain stupid. not very many people know about really what the definition is it could almost be anything negative like a geek or a freak!
person 1:"hey, do you know a guy named christian??"
person 2:"yahh sadly hes my brother... he's a big drone"