2 definitions by Blunt_Chilla500

When several friends smoke pot through a bong while sitting in sombodys basement appartment. Similar to the tv show "That 70's Show" where they would smoke in a circle.
Guy1:Hey what did you do last night?
Guy2:We had a bomb that 70's smoke
by Blunt_Chilla500 March 23, 2007
The state of a person while under the influence of pot and alcohol. CAn be extremly trippy or very chilled.

Also used to discribe a extreme state of drunkness, combination of drunk and owned
Guy1:Dammn guy did you see him dink that quart an burn that blunt, he's Droned!
Guy2L yeee

Guy1:My heads pounding...
guy2: yea you were droned as hell last night
by Blunt_Chilla500 April 9, 2007